heartyoga Practice

Heart is the centre of All. Yoga is the union with All. heartyoga is to stir your heart in All.

heartyoga is a practice of yoga postures and meditation to deeply relax into the heart centre. This is the quiet place of surrender in which self-transformation is witnessed directly.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is regarded as the “king” of the body. It is considered the residence of the mind and spirit (shen 神), intimately involved with mental and emotional processes. It expresses our innate wisdom and contentment when it is properly nourished and balanced. In recent times, it is known as the “Heart-Mind”.

The essence of heartyoga practice is to cultivate our relationship with shen 神 as part of the journey of deeper self-awareness. We consciously work with the heart meridian (energy pathway) using adapted yoga postures, whole-body breathing and meditation to nurture and integrate the our heart and mind.


Every posture becomes the act of yielding to what is, with our heart opening to accept every experience with love and compassion. Every breath becomes the guide to experience everything in its total depth with peace and trust. Every experience deepens our awareness that the foundation of yoga rests in non-violence (ahimsa) and truth (satya).


Yoga is not only about physical perfection but also an inner practice to return to our innate intelligence and love.



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Moving from the heart


Anchoring in the principle of Hatha Yoga, classical postures are adapted to work gently with individual body in safe and effective ways, rather than forcing into “ideal” pose. It is also for experienced practitioners to cultivate ever expanding heart perception.


The aim is to deepen the inner sense of calmness and awareness in the heart centre, the quiet place of surrender for self-transformation.

The integrated movements with heart meridian helps to move the inner life force (prana or chi) to untangle the blocked energies. The synchronization with whole-body breathing helps to become more fluid, creating a graceful rhythm and harmonious symphony within our body, mind and heart.

As we relax deeply into the heart centre, we let our mind rest, our heart soften, our awareness deepen and let what is just be. This gives an extension to our heart perception, feeling from the heart centre to guide us from our innate intelligence and unite us in our inner love.


Every integrated movement becomes the fulcrum for transmutation from within.

Anchoring in the heart

Body discipline is not an end in itself. Meditation is the most important part of yoga practice. When we meditate we turn on the inner switch to fill our entire being with the divine energy, the Cosmic Vibration of Creation.

heartyoga guided meditation is practised in a simple manner using spoken words to lead us into relaxation into the heart centre. This is the preparation process to open up the entire body, mind and heart to experience stillness in the mind and quietness in the heart, creating more space for transformation.

With divine grace, when one deepens his meditation with devotion, it will bring the body, mind and soul into unity. In this union, the whole being falls in love with the Universal Love, filling with radiant health, glowing in praising joy, awakening the flaming heart, becoming the embodied channel of Love, Joy and Peace. Meditation becomes a bonfire of the Flaming Heart, a ceremonial thanksgiving to the Creator, a celebrative union with the Universal Love.

If you wish to learn advanced scientific meditation method, I invite you to consider the techniques taught by Self-Realization Fellowship, which combine simple methods of body discipline with a very high meditation technique of spiritual realisation  uniting the soul and Spirit.

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