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It would be a privilege to share heartyoga with your community if this has stirred your heart.

Contact me using this message form for more information, receive bank details for payment for an event, reserve a place for you in the upcoming events or to organise a sharing session (see below).



your Heart is the Healer

1 hour session

(by donation as your heart desires) 

By anchoring in our heart, we are in tune with our innate Wisdom and Love that is ever-embracing.


In this sharing session, Lisa strives to

bring awareness that we can

think, feel and heal from the heart.


If interested …

Contact Lisa to organise a sharing session with you and your family or friends.

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Lisa Lee


WhatsApp: +60 16 262 9908 (Malaysia)

Mobile: +61 401 426 100 (Australia)

Mail:  PO Box 1183 

Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012


Mobile: + 61 401 426 100 (Australia) 

WhatsApp: +60 16 262 9908 (Malaysia)

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