What People Say 

Heart of inner strength

From JE Liew, Feb 2019


Practising with Lisa is just like the experience of meditation itself. It is an experience beyond words and can only be felt through actual practice. Simply means that one will have to be there to find out. There is no shortcut.

By no means I am trying to glorify anyone. But in Lisa’s  presence, I am always humbled. Perhaps to me, she is like a piece of Grace that is visible and touchable.

There is a softness in her eyes that gives you strength to start or continue whatever journey you are on. There is also something in her words that makes you want to delve deeper. Her gentle touch is like secret conversations between bodies and energies. 


It is a blessing to be able to practise with such a seasoned and generous meditator / practitioner like Lisa.  As long as there is a willingness to learn, hearts yearn to be opened."

Unlock treasure in the heart

From PY Choi, Sept 2018

“Yoga with Lisa to reveal your inner heart wisdom - How?


Many of us in spiritual path will come across darkness. We have disappointments, frustration, anger and all kinds of unpleasant emotions in our day to day life.

Through yoga with Lisa, from the postures with breathing and healing techniques, together with her deep experience as a practitioner herself, yoga with her does not only heal our body but it's most healing to our heart. 

The postures are modified and they are suitable for beginner like me. Through the postures, my body felt safe to release emotions. It helped me to gain deeper understanding about myself. She also emphasised on devotion and gratitude which is very close to my heart.

If you are open enough to explore more through her professional technique and knowledge, she will help you to heal your body, soul and mind. I would say that after yoga with Lisa, you will have a key to unlock your own treasure in the heart!


Gaining wisdom from the heart is the effect after yoga with Lisa.” 

Awaken the heart chakra

From E Gan, Feb 2018


“I have known Lisa for years but this is my very first experience attending her Heart Yoga workshop on Feb 3rd and 4th. I was so amazed and inspired of how Lisa facilitating the workshop. All adapted poses are carefully performed based on individual's capability!

Love her guided meditation towards the end of the session - her voice is so full of energy and therapeutic. Being a yoga teacher myself, with the attitude of willing to surrender, practice with a little bit different, it's been a great awakening for my heart chakra.


Thank You so much Lisa.”

Release tightness and pain

From SP Gan, Jan 2018

“I am so amazed that with few so simple postures can really help me to relax and connect with my heart and body. 

Eventually I understand the whole process when I just concentrate with breathing from my heart. I got it!

Just to share my experience during the last practice session. My neck was tight and painful at that time. Lisa guided me with breathing and connecting with the neck where I felt uncomfortable. Miracle happened! I can feel the energy flow to my neck with very slow movements, slowly adjusting and healed by itself. The tightness and pain were released. It was fantastic! Thank you so much Lisa.”

Touch the heart and soul

From JE Liew, Nov 2017

“I always believe that the heart knows what it wants or doesn't want. It's almost as if it has its own mind. However more often than not, many do not follow the heart or do not know how to. The heartyoga sequence was something I needed yet avoided at the same time, the emotional wound. But what shouldn’t stay in the body will eventually find its way out when time comes.

If your heart is closed, the practice will gently make its way into your heart again. If you heart is open, you'll leave your mat feeling even more grateful for your healthy heart and spirit. A practice that can touch your heart and soul, it can only be the teachings that comes from the heart and soul. That's what Lisa is. Lisa will fill your cup as long as you empty it."

Heal the emotions  

From PY Choi, Nov 2017

“I've attended the workshop with the intention to bond with my mum. And Lisa's workshop can help heal the emotions through the physical motion which I find it very different from traditional yoga. You'll get more than what you deserve with Lisa.”

Mobile: + 61 401 426 100 (Australia) 

WhatsApp: +60 16 262 9908 (Malaysia)

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