What Lisa brings into her work is her life experiences. After 15 years of conscious effort in her inward journey, she sees the indescribable value even in the most challenging moments. She knows that no matter what comes, she only needs to give time to be in tune with herself. There is always an innate intelligence to understand and immense strength to overcome.

How Lisa enriches her work is her authenticity. With her intuition, she brings a neutral space for you to grow without judgement. With her sincere heart, she gives a safe presence for you to transform without fear.

In the recent years, the evolution of her own practice of yoga and meditation has been incomprehensible. As a student of Raja Yoga teachings of Self-Realization Fellowships founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, she is continuously striving for her own self-realization. Raja Yoga is a yoga system of scientific meditation techniques of spiritual realisation uniting soul and Spirit.

As a RYT200 certified yoga teacher, Lisa doesn’t offer regular classes like the norm. Instead she offers the opportunity to taste the essence of your heart through the practice of yoga. It is simply because there is a calling from her own heart.

Her work is biodynamic in nature, working from the inside out. She focuses on cultivating the ability to feel and sense your body as a whole and not as separate parts, an essential tool for self-healing. She enhances her work by drawing upon the uniqueness of other healing modalities. Where appropriate, she incorporates essence of craniosacral therapy, colour therapy and energy psychology technique to deepen self-understanding, self-empowerment and self-acceptance.

As with all forms of tools and methods, when it is practised whole-heartedly, the effect is undeniably transformative. Likewise, when we practise yoga and meditate from the heart, profound effects can be experienced. Its depth is only for us to decide. Because our mind is the lighthouse of our destiny and our heart is the powerhouse of our inner fitness.


When we think of fitness, our primary focus is often on fitness from the physiological perspective. What do we think of our inner fitness? The fitness which provides the necessary internal resources to overcome worries and anxiety that can cause enormous stress to our body, mind and spirit.

The more internal resources we have, the more resilient we are toward stress. The stronger resources we have, the happier and safer we feel. The more we work on our inner fitness, the calmer we are as we navigate around daily challenges.


Calmness comes from the ability to hold awareness and view life as a theatre in which experiences are being played out. It is an essential life skill to enable us to be less attached and less reactive. It is a life journey to build these resources, the ability to step back into our neutral self.

Yoga and meditation can provide the stepping stone to recoup and restore our neutral self. It is not an easy journey but worth the effort as we all deserve to be happy. As we think from our heart and feel from our mind, together the heart-mind forms the essence of our wholeness. This transformative journey begins with nourishing our heart to act as the foundation of inner fitness. Rest assured that your heart will be stirred with the practice of heartyoga.

Mobile: + 61 401 426 100 (Australia) 

WhatsApp: +60 16 262 9908 (Malaysia)

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